All lawyers are required to comply with the Bar Association's Code of Conduct. According to this regulation the fee that lawyers charge must be reasonable.

The Consumer Disputes Board

The Consumer Disputes Board examines disputes regarding fees between clients and their legal representatives in the range from SEK 1 000 to SEK 200 000. The Consumer Disputes Board's decision is binding for lawyers, unlike decisions from the Consumer Complaints Board.

The Bar Association's Code of Conduct stipulates that a lawyer is obliged to inform clients about the Consumer Disputes Board, both generally and in the event of a dispute, that the lawyer is obliged to participate in the Board's consideration and that the lawyer must abide by the decision.

Bar Association


Legal Protection

Legal Protection insurance coverage is included in most home, house and holiday home insurances. The insurance covers the insured as a private person and, a conflict with another party must have arisen before the Legal Protection in your insurance policy can be used. This means that legal compensation will, as a general rule, not be paid for negotiation or contracting costs. The insured must, in most cases, have been covered by insurance for at least two years when the dispute arises in order to be able to use Legal Protection, but the coverage does not have to have been with the same insurance company.

We will help you to register your need for legal protection to your insurance company if it becomes necessary.

Legal aid

If you do not have insurance to cover the cost of your dispute, you may be entitled to Legal Aid. You will have to pay for at least one hour and up to two hours of consultation, at a fixed fee, with a lawyer before you can apply for Legal Aid. You will have to pay for this consultation yourself. We will help you to fill out and submit the application for Legal Aid if you decide to proceed with your case after the consultation.

National Legal Aid Authority


If you have any queries regarding our fees, your ability to obtain legal aid or legal protection, please contact us.