Notarius Publicus

We are happy to assist you with:

Authentication of signatures

A document with an authenticated signature must be signed in the presence of the notary public at our office. The signer must provide proof of identity such as a passport or a driver's license.

Authentication of court documents or other official documents Some court or other official records require authentication by a notary public if they are to be used abroad. Examples include authorised translations, court judgements and adoption documents. Bring the documents to the office and we will authenticate them for you.

Authentication of copies

Bring the original document and we will make a photocopy for you at the office.

Legalization of court documents or documents issued by government agencies

For instance judgment regarding divorce, adoption documents, certified translations or other documents that may need to be legalized for use abroad.


The Apostille certifies that a signature (such as a notary public's signature) or stamp on a document is genuine. The Apostille is valid in countries which have signed and ratified the so called Apostille convention. A list of the countries may be found here: An Apostille saves time, as documents bearing the Apostille usually require no further authentication.

A notary public is not required to:
  • Effect the service of documents of any kind.
  • Perform a task which cannot be reasonably demanded of them.

A notary public shall perform his duties with integrity, diligence and impartiality.

A notary public may not concern himself with a case in which he has an interest, or if there is any other particular circumstance which might imperil the credibility of his impartiality.

Price list

Legalization of a signature: SEK 300
Legalization of two signatures: SEK 350
Legalization of one name and signatory power of a company on one document: SEK 450
Legalization of two names and signatory power of a company on one document: SEK 500
Legalization of a photocopy: SEK 300
Certification / Affidavit: SEK 500
Apostille: SEK 350
Apostille and legalization: SEK 450

The fee for ordinances outside the office is SEK 2 000 per hour.
All prices including VAT.